Commercial and Industrial


Infrastructure, Bulk Storage, Manufacturing and Mining

Scott Wilson helps multinational corporations and other private sector clients to meet their engineering, construction, operational and environmental challenges. Our full life cycle services rage from planning, siting, licensing and permiting through to engineering, procurement, construction and construction management to facility start-up and operations and maintenance. We also provide decomissioning and closure services fro facilities that are no longer in use.

Commercial and Industrial structures cover a wide range of buildings, processing plants, storage facilities, each of which represent a number of different problems for the structural, electrical and mechanical engineer.  Scott Wilson have over the years been involved with many different commercial and industrial projects and have therefore developed the breadth of knowledge needed to provide optimum solutions to meet Client’s needs.  Such projects have included; Healthcare Facilities (hospitals, clinics) Educational Facilities (primary, high & tertiary), Commercial Facilities (office blocks, shopping malls, industrial complexes) Residential Facilities (houses, townhouses & multi-storey apartments), Resort & Tourism Facilities (hotels, lodges), Sports Facilities, Aviation Facilities, Banking Facilities, Manufacturing &Processing Plant Facilities and Mining Facilities.

Our Commercial and Industrial services include:

  • Feasibility Studies and Project Planning,
  • Civil and Structural Engineering Design,
  • Process Engineering,
  • Electrical and Mechanical Services,
  • Project Management,
  • Commisioning and Decommissioning,
  • Project Handover,
  • Environmental Services.
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